Pastor Wally Magdangal announced the partnership of Ichihara Shalom Church FCF and Christians in Crisis Ministry

February 18, 2008 the day after the successful Blessed 9th Year Anniversary of Ichihara Shalom Filipino Christian Fellowship, Pastor Wally Magdangal send an invitation for the partnership of Christians in Crisis Ministry and ICS-FCF. And on that day also He announced and Shaked hands with the New Head Pastor of ICS Filipino Christian Fellowship Ptra. Nida B. Sarmiento the wife of the late Pastor Rev. Alaxander L. Sarmiento, that Ichihara Shalom Church Filipino Christian Fellowship and Christians in Crisis MInistry are officially partners in the Glory of our God. And he also announced that the said church will be the home base of the Missionaries of CIC Ministry in the Land of the rising sun (Japan). Please watch the video (Left side) of announcement of Pastor Wally.

Pastor Wally Magdangal visited Ichihara Shalom Church FCF

Pastor Wally Magdangal visited Japan last February 11, 2008. He was the Guest speaker for Blessed 9th year Anniversary of Ichihara Shalom Church Filipino Christian Fellowship.

Pastor Wally Magdangal is the Mentor Pastor of our beloved late Rev. Alexander L. Sarmiento. He visited Japan to be our guest speaker in our Blessed 9th year Anniversary.

First day of Pastor Wally in Japan, He and Sis. Roxann went to Tokyo for their first Japan Adventure. In their second day, Pastor Wally conducted a leadership seminar where many people were amazed how the Holy Spirit moved in Pastor Wally's life. They were inspired and challenged to serve the Lord. The next day our prayer meeting, Pastor Wally again preach the Words of God and the people see and experienced the annointing power God gave to him. The time he prayed for the leaders and to the people of the church, they began to fall down and experience the migthy presence of God. They are crying and shouting because their heart were touched and changed by the Holy Spirit through Pastor Wally's prayer.

The day of our Anniversary came, Pastor Wally Magdangal vistited the Japanese congregation in the morning to share the Words of God. From the start until the end of the service Japanese people are crying because they witnessed how great is our God through the testimony of Pastor Wally Magdangal.

In the afternoon, Pastor Wally Magdangal gave the message for our anniversary. When he begin to share the Words of God people are being blessed because of the mighty power of our God. They saw how faithful is our God to his promises to his children. And he announced for the very first time to the congregation that he is the newly Ambassador of goodwill representing the country of the Philippine to the world.

Pastor Wally Magdangal is a humble person. The people of Shalom enjoyed the one week vacation of Pastor Wally and Sis. Roxann. They become a blessing for each and everyone here in Japan. We share our laughters and tears to them. We still remember when Pastor Wally says "TALAGA?" and we will reply to him "OH OH". We will never forget the moment Pastor Wally and Sis. Roxann visited us here in Japan. And we are praying that they will come back again here in Japan together with Pastor Wally's wife and daughter (Sis. Matilda and Sis. Preshus Joy) and Sis. Roxann's daughter and grandchild (Sis. Jenny and Shelby).

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God Bless us All!!!!

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